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when you meet the love of your life, time STOPS!!!!!!!!!!


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Friday, June 03, 2016

Tried to write but got writers bloc n a big way... Started a movie review blog but work and family not giving me much time to write, anybody here who still blogs ?

Posted at 09:17 am by jaymenon
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Thursday, October 06, 2011
Facebook and Me

Most of us who were ruling in blog world, all of a sudden shifted our attention to social networking, is it because "the attention seekers" us started getting more visibility and attention in the form of Facebook??? or is because we kind of got bored with the writing long and boring blogs and started concentrating on "one liners" named status messages???

Anyway I am actually enjoying my stay in social networking, and was less inspired to write anything long, but then certain unknown forces forced me start rewriting my blog and here I am, to paint back my emotions in this emotionally bankrupt Territory.

Since today is Vijayadashmi, let me make it a point that on this day of starting anything auspicious especially related to writing, I am going to start writing something or other and make my friends get bored from now on...somehow I feel Vijayadashmi is the start every child will enjoy and regret in the future when his/her mom ask...."have u done your homework"????

I remember the days when my books were wrapped up and put for pooja for 2 days...those are the only two days when nobody will ask me to study....hoooo those were the days ...when it was play-24/7....anyway this is just a beggining ...will come back to write more....

few updates....Grandma is no more, she left us 2 years back, and I am blessed with a baby boy, we named him Devank and he is 1 year old now :)...

Posted at 07:12 pm by jaymenon
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Tuesday, February 02, 2010
I Am BAck

Most of you might have forgotten me.....but I will make sure that i refresh Ur memory....just wanted to let u all know that I am back......after two years of writers bloc....

Posted at 08:47 am by jaymenon
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Sunday, March 30, 2008


It's been almost a year since I wrote anything in my blog. You all should understand my situation. I was in a Country away from all my loved ones; jus to make money. All my imagination, creativity got screwed up.


You guyz might be thinking why the hell did I come back? People in India are trying out all ways to go out of our Country and here is someone who tried all means to come back.


So I thought I should list out few very important reasons for me to take the decision to come back to India:


  • I was missing a very special group of friends who used to be with me from the day I was born till I boarded my flight to Dubai. They used to sing songs for me when my mom was sleeping, they used to sleep next to me when I was feeling lonely, they used to give me good company when I was getting bored and all the more they used to suck my blood in a very sweet and itchy way. Yes…I was missing my dear mosquitoes.


  • I was getting bored of the smooth and silky roads. There was not even a single "gutter" in the road.
  • I was dying to cut the signal when it shows RED. But it was never possible. I would have become ginger garlic JAY paste if I'd done that.
  • I wanted to swear and shout @ anyone, but was not able to do it
  • I wanted to do tax manipulations, but there was no TAX
  • I wanted to see a Hartal or Bandh or picketing or dharna….but never got lucky
  • I wanted to a see a cow or buffalo blocking the road
  • I wanted to be chased by stray dogs when I come back home after late night shows

On a very serious note:

  • I was missing my pillar of strength my granny
  • I was missing my beautiful wife
  • I was missing my amazing parents
  • I was missing my mom's food
  • I was missing my dad's fragrance & 
  • MY family NEEDS me in Here
  • I was missing my green & sexy Gods own country Kerala


I WAS MISSING MYSELF…. was completely emotionally bankrupt and here I am back in India "painting my emotions".

Posted at 08:57 am by jaymenon
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Friday, May 18, 2007
I saw her.....


I reached Dubai by around 8 in the morning; I was almost late for the training. I didn’t have any slimmest of idea that I am going to see her and that too in this part of the world. Training session kept on going and I was yawning to eternity, mind u I got up by around 3 AM. Somehow I had this feeling that something special is going to happen to me today.


Training was going in full swing…presentations, games, and interactions were all the modes of making me sleep. So I was kind of skeptical about why am I feeling about that something special?  At times I did indulge in the whole gamut of banking and the ill effects of money laundering so it was basically a not so happening but informative day.


 Training got over by around 5 and my plans were to stay back in Dubai with my friend and family. Got a cab in about 45 minutes and reached friends place in about 3 minutes. Well…I was standing in the road right behind my friend’s house and that too for more than 45 mins to get a taxi and still I believed that something special is gonna happen to me.


This friend of mine had a very special “English” speaking uncle. He was always under an impression that he is a master of that language and used lot of short forms, which has landed him in lot of trouble. Once he had gone with my friend to see a gal whom he was supposed to get married. Usual family talks were going on and all of a sudden our uncle asks an all the more important question….”howz the gal’s BACK?” they didn’t get much time to look here and there…. heard that they didn’t have to walk back as they flying on air. What our uncle meant was “Background” ;)


Now lets come back from flashback….  We all had gone out for a while and it was around 9 PM. Suddenly I saw her and I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was so damn surprised to see her here in Dubai. I didn’t know what I should do, should I ask her what she is doing here? Or should I just ignore her? I was confused to the core.


She was wearing a blue dress; as usual she was looking gorgeous. I have always wondered how she is able to maintain her beautiful figure. I haven’t seen her for few weeks and I was quite keen to go near her. Although I haven’t talked to her much, she has always been my dearest. For the past few weeks I have been missing her like anything. Felt like running towards her and tell her how much I missed her.


I went near her, smiled at her; I felt a bit shy…didn’t think of anything else, I took off my shirt!!!! (Allrite allrite….I know I am married…but cmon guyz that doesn’t mean that I cant…..take bath ;) ……)  I opened the tap…. and water started pouring on her. She gleeful accepted and I closed the tap when she was full. Hope you now know who she is….”A Blue Bucket”.

For the past few weeks I was missing a bucket like anything, got fed up bathing in shower…


Posted at 06:07 pm by jaymenon
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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
My Granny

It was around 6 in the morning and our phone started ringing , I was like who the hell is this who is disturbing my sleep early morning. I understood that my mom is in kitchen so I have to pick it up. It was my uncle who is going to visit his daughter n Dubai, as I was half sleepy I didn't bother to ask what it is….straight away I told I will give the phone to mom. She came and started talking pretty enthusiastically in the beginning and slowly her sound began fading, and I could see tears coming gently……….



I knew something is wrong, I was like wow I never knew that my mother loves her brother this much which makes her cry like this when he called for saying bye. She kept the phone and began crying like anything, and then I understood that it is not the case what I am thinking. She said,  "Granny is very sick". I felt like a dagger coming from top and straight away piercing my body. I know she is very old and one day or other she would leave us, but then at that point of time when we start thinking that she wont be there with us it hurts pretty drastically.


So amma and me reached the hospital before they come and I was finding it quite difficult to control her. Then came the ambulance and I was a bit relieved that now her brothers will be there and they will take care of my mom. When the door was opened I can see four of them in pretty worse condition than my mother. They were not even able to lift 40 pound weighing granny, then I had to take over the role of someone who can move around to do hospital responsibilities.


Doctor diagnosed her and told me to take her various scanning and stuffs like that. She stopped talking completely and I could see tears coming out from her eyes. I knew that I had to control myself or else things wont be moving out there. Doc was saying that there is some imbalance in her body, which has affected her brain and that in turn will make her speechless. We were relieved to hear that her life was out of danger.


She was sleeping and everyone in spite of doc telling us to move out of that emergency roam, kept on roaming around her. When she got up, everyone anxiously looked at her…..and we could see a sweet smile in her face and all of sudden she looked at my mom and started showing action….she was asking if my mom had taken food or not. That scene made a tear flowing…. that is what you call as MOTHER.  Even when she is not able to speak, not able to move, not able to even think…. she is only concerned that her kids had food or not.


Then we went to have food from outside, and when we came back, we could see from long one of my uncle coming running towards us. Heart started moving faster, didn't know what he is gonna say. He came near my mom and said ……granny started talking all of a sudden.  The happiness that I saw in their face had the same expression that of a small kid who sees his/her mom after the first day class of their Kindergarten. They were jumping with joy to see her talking. It was so wonderful to see her talking and all of sudden that hospital was filled with lot of happy people.


Next day morning she was moved to a hosp room and by afternoon, somebody was knocking the door, when I was such a surprise. My uncle,

(Granny's eldest son) who is in US of A is in front of me. . he just told one single thing……" I owe my life to my mom. If I am not able come here when my mom is seriously ill, then my whole life becomes meaningless"


Hope me and you are leading a meaningful life J J J

Posted at 12:08 pm by jaymenon
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Saturday, March 24, 2007


After the great defeat I know many of us will be cursing, swearing and abusing our heroes, but I am in the mode of Heights's of optimism.. Well…Bermuda my sweet chubby bubbly team is gonna defeat Bangladeshis and then India will reach the 2nd round and we will go on to win the world cup. Long before Chanakya untied his long hair (somewhat like our Dhoni ) and said he wont tie it until Chandragupta win some cup ;) ….like that I am saying I will be wearing only Bermuda until India win the world cup ;)….now don't curse me saying I will never get to wear jeans or pants in my life.


Yesterday my mom was cooking egg curry and for that she was boiling eggs, suddenly she got an urgent call and had to go out. So she asked me to off the gas stove after 15 minutes. I said ok mom done ;)…. somehow I slept off in 10 minutes and was dreaming about sachin and Dhoni making centuries and making India win and got up after 2 hours with a foul smell disturbing my sweet dream (I couldn't see Srilanka batting ;) and I ran to the kitchen and found eggs almost in the verge of becoming chicken ;) fry.  Ironically both Sachin and Dhoni went for duck (andaaa). Anyway there are few lucky people in our Indian team ….our local cochin boy Sreeshanth, then Pathan, Kumble and Karthik. They can atleast say if we had played India would have won hihihihihi. So guys wait and watch our Bermu Boys win and let India take the cup ;) Dawood uncle kuch Karooo yaar ;) and Hope Chappel is Still alive ;)


Posted at 10:33 am by jaymenon
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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Karega ya Marega....Do or Die Syndrome

Karega ya marega well….am not getting into our old toppiwaala hero bhagath singh, this is for our new topiwaala heroes- Indian cricket team and coach, I feel that if they do not get to the 2nd round it will be great if they go for world tour and come back after 6 months. The people out here are not mad, but crazy fools, they will never understand that cricket is just a game and the players are just normal people like us. They are not having more than 2 hands and legs, and they are in Indian team because they play better than us. So try to respect them and stop being dumb.


Look at what happened to Woolmer, poor guy did a grave mistake of coaching another fanatic Country with mad people. These guys take lot of money because they earned it through very hard dedication towards the game. When the team looses everyone pounce on them, the team looses when one team plays better than the other and not because of the poor helpless coach who is sitting outside and playing with his laptop ;)  so guyz please chill out…..there fear of death in the face of all the foreign coaches now, that is kinda very sad….don’t make our coach Mr.Chappu ……Chappu bhagath singh….with the title “karega ya marega”…let him enjoy his coaching, please don’t  kill him.


Once our great Indian team cricket team came for a match in Kochi. My friend was the caretaker of the team so I managed to sneak in and also I got the chance to see the practice session. One of my friends was also playing with them and it was bowling practice of players going on. Javagal Sreenath comes in and bowls…..and here goes his stump wushhhhhh ;) nd then some other bowler bowls….his stump again goes wushhhhhhh…..then comes nother bowler I think it was Agarkar…and this time we thought, he is gonna blast him. Agarkar comes in bowls and we hear a big sound thakkkkkkkkkkk no no dhakkkkkkkkkkkk, my friend is down frozen. We had to take him to hospital. So that’s the speed in which they bowl, you all better thank the TV cameramen for even showing it to us. With naked eyes I couldn’t even see the bowl, and when I turned to see the other team bowl…..guess which team…..Australia…so don’t bother to ask what happened ;)

Posted at 05:30 am by jaymenon
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Saturday, November 18, 2006
I need a solution ..... Help me guyz


I have something very important to tell you guyz and I need a solution for the problem I am facing out here. Its been followed as a custom maybe from decades down the line that Bride and Bridegroom should wear everything new for their wedding. But then I don't like using new underwear; I am in a situation wherein I have to wear a new one. So I have three options, you people should help me click one option:


             I.      I will have to wear new underwear and keep on pulling it or adjusting it throughout the function

          II.      I will have to change the custom that is being followed for decades and go for my currently in use comfy underwear's

       III.      I shouldn't wear one at all


I know many of you will go for third option ;) but then since it's my wedding and I will be in typical Kerala Groom dress of Munde (dhoti) and shirt and since I don't like to wear a belt with my munde (dhoti) what will happen if it falls down when am tying that "thaali" (mangal suthre)????


 Btw all you guyz are invite for my wedding…. it's on 26th of November 2006 between 11.30-12 and wedding reception is on 29th of November between 5.30-8.30. Please do send me a mail on if you are coming so that I can arrange your accommodation and everything, you guyz better be there…nahi thoo!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you will take this as a very serious wedding invitation, maybe in a different way but I seriously need a solution for my problem. I will take the solution as my wedding gift ;)


Posted at 01:23 pm by jaymenon
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Friday, July 14, 2006


Hats off to people of Mumbai, they were flooded, they were beaten up by religious fanatics and now they are being bombed and blasted…but the very next day …he goes to office, she goes to market, kids go to school, granny goes to temple in the same train same route …. Mind blowing attitude guyz….never seen such strong willpower. So whoever did that spinelessness and cowardice act …..You can keep on doing whatever you want to do, but make sure you blast the whole body, if u leave anything behind these people will get back to office the very next day.



This is INDIA buddy, we are not going to sit and mourn and call it black or white day, we are not going to gather every year in the same place and put flowers and cry…..we are not going to put bombs in some innocent place killing all the more innocent people, WE ARE INDIANS AND WE WILL LIVE THE SAME WAY and SHOW THAT YOUR SMALL PIECE OF BOMB IS WORTHLESS TO CHANGE OUR SPIRITS. So go somewhere else and try your luck. Uncle Laden, now I guess you are playing with FIRE, it will hurt you quite badly…MIND IT!!!!!!! (Please be careful of your beard, this fire might burn it off)


Now as I said, let me get back to my normal way of writing, I am not going to mourn and spoil our spirit. Last day I watching world cup football finals, it was nice to see Italy win, as their flag is a bit similar to our Indian Flag ;). Although it was sad to see many of Indians roaming around with flags of different countries painted on their face and hair and where not, I enjoyed watching the game and congrats Italians, especially when you guys were facing lot of scandals and stuff. I liked the head banging of Zidane uncle, poor guy was not getting ball to head, so opted for this.


Even I had gone once to watch football finals, but it was not world cup, it was smaller cup, its called Santhosh Trophy. It’s usually played between various States in India. I was studying in school, and luckily this time it was held in a ground very close to my house. I broke my piggybank and got a gallery pass. I was so happy that the finals is between my state KERALA and MAHARASHTRA.



I reached the ground around 2 hrs before the match, as it was jam-packed, I thought I should get the right seat to watch. It was a great feeling to enter the stadium, I could hear drums in various size and sound….could see people dancing, singing, pushing , small fighting, but it was fun all the way. The gallery in which I was sitting was artificial one made of Bamboo, but quite strong.  After sometime, here comes the two teams, we started howlinggg shoutingggg , I guess that’s the universal way of supporting a team.


Our Kerala team captain was Satyan, then Pappachan (Inspector Papachan, he was working in Kerala police) then there was I M Vijayan ( pele of Kerala) , Goal keeper Chacko etc etc. I don’t remember much of Maharashtra players except one Aqil Ansari.



Game started: Maharashtra team were playing like true Marathas, could see the ball going here and there, kerala players were running after the ball, but never got any possession. Crowd was getting angry as their heroes were almost zeros, and here comes the first GOAL….Aqil Ansari dribbles and swingsss and here goes the poor little thing inside the net. The crowd is stunned, as usual goal scorer dances and team mates becomes WWF wrestlers and pounce on that poor guy and make him in such a condition that he will never score a goal again in his life.


Now our team is down by one goal, people as usual started swearing and shouting, and now I understood why players are given so much security. So now our zeros started playing better, heard someone was saying we are like Brazil team, we like to fight back…hihihihihi ok ok that’s attitude buddy. But then his words were true, these guys started showing some kinda fighting spirit, now our “poor thing” I mean the ball is always in our hands or legs…whatever.


We get a corner and Inspector papachan shoots and it curves and curves and curves and oops…it is inside the goal post. That’s what you call bend it like pappy!!!!! The stadium erupts and I guess you can imagine, the gallery was dancing, everyone was hugging, and howling, crying, damn it that’s hell lot of spirit man!!!!! Now it’s half time.


Could hear half time statistic from different people. It seems our pappy had scored in the same way in an inter-police match years before when I was not even born. Was curiously listening to them, I asked a small question to our statistician …… “ so brother did you watch that match? “ answer was very interesting… “ no no I just heard from someone who is sitting in the top of the gallery” ….. “ ohhh!! Ok”


Here comes our re-born heroes again, this time our “poor thing” is running vigorously and now the game is ON.  Could see pretty bad fouls and all the more severe swearing from this part of the world. Kerala gets a free kick kinda near the goal post, David PAPPY Beckham again bend it, this time our pele ( vijayan) is waiting and you wont imagine it was typical bicycle kick and the ball swings and again swings and on the way sings the rhyme “ up above the sky so high….twinkle twinkle” well it reached the cricket stadium next to it.



Now the Marathas started dribbling left and right and kicks a small tickle starts inside stomach, but somehow Goalie Chacko dives and saves. Sighhh!!!! What a relief.


Now its Kerala…. pappy dribbles, pass it to Captain Satyan, ball goes from one leg to another, foul and again start going here and reaches Pappy again and he gives a long cross right in the middle and Kerala Pele Strikesss!!!!!!!! It’s a GOALLLLLLL, Hurray hurray.


Kerala leads: - 2: 1.


Now our enemies have become real Maratha warriors, ball is always with them, as we have moved defensive. They keep on kicking and swinging, but our Chacko is BRAVO BRAVO…he saves ‘n’ number of kicks.

Kerala is living dangerously, they are attacking from right and left side. Ansari kicks and oops…. where is Chacko??? And where is the ball, its there inside the net. Mummmyyyyyyyyy nooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Score: - 2: 2


Time left: 2 mins.


Kerala attack, Satyan to Vijayan, he passes it to a Sherafali ( new name haha) and he passes it to Kurikesh Mathew ( strange name huh ) , he passes it to Pappy and he passes it to Vijayan (pele), and he dribbles and move to right side and gives a long cross and the ball is swinging and swinging, it curves and here comes a header ….well, I am sorry to say Marathas….it’s a GOALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL and guess who scored it.. ya.. its our PAPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY. Stadium erupts, so does the final whistle, here comes a Mexican wave, and all of a sudden I hear a cracking sound and then a DIMMMMMMM, the gallery is down, our poor Bamboo was not enough to hold the Pappy Goal…



Anyway Kerala wins: 3: 2


I went back home bruised, but dancing and howling with full winning spirits. Well that was my first and last football final. I hope now there is no more artificial gallery available.


Saluting Mumbaikars once again and signing off with SALAM BOMBAY and JAII HINDDDDD.


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